“Depressed to Daring: Channel your inner superwoman. Defeat anxiety & depression & gain control over your life and career” comes out February 25, 2020.

Depressed to Daring is a personal development book for women who struggle with depression and anxiety in silence, and desperately desire to better manage their emotions.


In this book, personal & business development trainer Adonica Shaw gives you the tools to help you identify and defeat debilitating thought patterns, evade your emotional villains and reclaim your personal power. 


You'll learn how to: 

  • Observe your emotions without being sucked into feelings of sadness.

  • Train your mind to plan your emotional responses to triggers in your home or professional environment. 

  • Develop emotional agility.


Adopting and implementing these methods can be a path to rapid and sustainable transformation. You'll begin to see that it’s safe to observe your emotions without becoming them, and you’ll learn how to train your mind to react different when life tries to knock you down.


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The Dare to Care Facebook group is a community designed by Adonica Shaw

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The intention of this group is to explore topics around mental health and provide

support for those who are seeking a healthy, emotionally balanced lifestyle. 

*Any content discussed in this group is not meant to replace medication, guidance or help by a licensed professional. 

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During the Dare to Care Workshop, you will...
  • Learn how to trick your triggers, and create a wellness routine to keep you emotionally grounded.

  • Define your boundaries and learn how to put them in place with friends, family, and colleagues (even if you’ve known them for years)

  • Develop a Personal Power Plan that will help you recoup the power you’ve given away.

  • Learn powerful practices to improve your self-care routine.


Meet the Author

Adonica Shaw 

Adonica is a life-actualization speaker and communications professional with several additional years of experience in business development strategy, pr management and integrated campaigns for mobile, and digital marketing.

She has been a weather woman, a TEDx Speaker, a Division I athlete, a contestant on a dating show and she’s even run for office. She’s a pilot in training, she has survived appendicitis, an appendectomy, a divorce, and the loss of her childhood dreams - twice. 

She fancies herself a bit of an “Adversity Expert,” and has a longstanding history of dealing with difficult sh*! in the face of depression and anxiety. In her debut book, “Depressed to Daring,” she shares the secrets to her success, and how she’s been able to beat depression and anxiety despite everything life has thrown her way.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in "Depressed to Daring, the Dare to Care - Depression, Anxiety and Self Care Thrive Tribe nor Adonica Shaw are meant to replace or substitute the use of medication, or the professional support or guidance of a licensed therapist, psychologist or healthcare professional.


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